About Us

Maritime Drilling Schools Limited is global leader in training persons for the oil & gas drilling industry. Our students have found working on drilling rigs in the Southern United States, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Eastern and Western Canada and other parts of the world. Industries biggest asset is quality trained people. Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd. is committed to the challenge of training people globally in upgrading their skills within this industry. Maritime Drilling Schools Limited has taken the initiative to ensure training is relevant and meaningful to the drilling industry. We provide the only industry accreditations east of Alberta and recognized world wide. Students are registered in a data base in Houston, Texas for validation to employers. Employers in the industry will be reassured our students have been trained through a accreditation process reviewed by a board of industry directors. Maritime Drilling Schools Limited is a registered accredited institution with full Industry accredited courses through the (IADC) International Association of Drilling Contractors.

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