May 23, 2019
After a 5 year slowdown in the drilling industry Maritime Drilling Schools Limited (MDS) has decided to offer a Basic Drilling Technology Program for Land and Offshore Drilling.  We are opening this program to Drilling Contractors and their employees, 3rd Party Contractors, individuals and companies... Read More
January 30, 2017
C & J Energy services contacted Maritime Drilling Schools Limited talking to Reg MacDonald President CEO looking to hire his students for their Canadian Division.  Gordon King stated they are now looking for experienced Rig Floorhands & Derrickhands.  Local work in Red Deer, Drayton Valley... Read More
January 17, 2017
Canada and the United States oilfield companies are ramping up their personnel efforts to equip drilling rigs to meet the upcoming demands of the industry. Once again after a long 2 ½ year slowdown and the industry seeing 100’s of thousands of their employees around the world being laid off with a large... Read More
January 18, 2016
Students from the United States are able to take advantage of currency exchange rates.  The cost of the 20 Day Pre Employment Program CDN $4200.00 Canadian currency and in American currency as of today is US $2885.00 with a savings of US $1315.00 to the student. Accommodations cost CDN 800.00 or US 550.... Read More
February 23, 2015
These are hard times for a lot of oilfield personnel as the price of oil has tumbled to an all-time low since 2008 and employers either have a labour freeze or are laying off personnel to maintain a cash flow as they ("weather the storm"). Employees who live pay cheque to pay cheque will suffer most as they... Read More
May 28, 2014
Karen Bowman-Senior Editor for Rigzone writes story on Maritime Drilling Schools Limited based on the ongoing need for drilling personnel in the Oil & Gas Industry.  Based on interviews with Reg MacDonald CEO Maritime Drilling Schools Limited, Adam Sieminski, the administrator for the U.S. Energy... Read More
May 27, 2014
Maritime Drilling Schools Limited had the highest number of most read articles on Rigzone for the year 2012 giving it #1 of the top 5 articles selected. As a training school we were very excited to hear the news. Reg MacDonald President and CEO said this shows the desire these individuals have looking for... Read More
May 16, 2014
Soon we’ll see exploration being a hotspot with both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland ramping up for exploration in the offshore as well land exploration opportunities. Some of these Major Players will be Shell and BP offshore Nova Scotia while Statoil making significant ground off Newfoundland. These Provinces are... Read More
January 5, 2014
Maritime Drilling Schools Limited has been experiencing an influx of military personnel looking for oil field jobs on drilling rigs.  Drilling contractors have been in search for these types of entry level personnel because of their discipline and ability to handle physical and mental challenges in the... Read More
December 26, 2013
Maritime Drilling Schools Limited was recently approached by a very large drilling and services company out of Texas to provide them with entry level students for their United States operations.  A senior company official said because of the success of past MDS Students has prompted them to further seek the... Read More