High Arctic Energy Services in Partnership with MDS Provides Employment Opportunities for MDS Students and Alumni

August 10, 2011

High Arctic Energy Services approached MDS August 09, 2011 to establish a partnership and recognizes that the training we offer fully prepares students with the skill and knowledge for an entry level position and enhances their ability to perform their job duties safely and efficiently in the upstream oil & gas industry. As long as they have vacant positions available, they are very interested in offering our candidates, who are trained and meet their pre requisites a career in the oil patch in Alberta or elsewhere they operate as they are desperate for placements. The normal process for hiring is to obtain individuals with at least 6 months plus, oil field experience, however that is not happening. Due to their continuous growth, they have decided to start, what they call a "RED HAT PROGRAM" to MDS students.

You can read more about this opportunity in the attached PDF.