"Students getting immediate job opportunities" School approached by very large Drilling and Services Company out of Texas.

December 26, 2013

Maritime Drilling Schools Limited was recently approached by a very large drilling and services company out of Texas to provide them with entry level students for their United States operations.  A senior company official said because of the success of past MDS Students has prompted them to further seek the employment of Maritime Drilling Schools Limited students.  This company has 100's of rigs in the drilling and service industry as well over a 100 cased-hole, open hole and offshore wireline units. The company also specializes in fishing operations with a large inventory of fishing and rental tools.  Maritime Drilling Schools Limited is continually approached by major drilling contractors for land and offshore operations including one of the largest offshore drilling contractors in the world. Our students are sought after because of their knowledge and skill they obtain from the drilling school.  With thousands of students trained and working for over a hundred drilling contractors around the world there seems to be an endless stream of companies seeking our students.   Upon completion of this program students receive 12 accredited certifications that are specific and relevant to the drilling, service and supply industries.