May 23, 2019

After a 5 year slowdown in the drilling industry Maritime Drilling Schools Limited (MDS) has decided to offer a Basic Drilling Technology Program for Land and Offshore Drilling.  We are opening this program to Drilling Contractors and their employees, 3rd Party Contractors, individuals and companies looking to enter the upstream drilling industry.  The program will also help drilling rig personnel seeking the basic understanding of drilling operations prior to entering the Alberta Rig Technician apprenticeship Program or any other Oilrig training program thats being offered.

Along with the Basic Drilling Technology we will be discussing job readiness and how to survive the social impact of a cyclical industry. Prior to offering this program MDS offered a very successful 20 Day Pre Employment Floorman Roughneck Program over a period of 20 years. Once the demand for training started to expand this year 2019 we decided to review our training and develop a short program which would allow industry personnel to particpate.  Most employees working the industry do not have 4 weeks available to take a program but certainly have the time for a 1 week program for professional development.  The cost of our 20 day training to the student was approximately $8,000.00 to $12,000.00 depending on where they came from to complete the program.  Upon reviewing and assessing the training we felt that offering a 1 week program would fit better in todays environment along with taking the training to areas where the industry is most active.  Entry level students and industry personnnel can take advantage of the training and all will receive this program at a much lesser cost.  We are hoping industry will support this training by sending employees for professional development along with hiring students who particpate in this program.  Entry level Students will need to find the following safety courses within their own communties or cities where the program is being offered; H2S Alive, Standard First Aid & CPR, TDG and WHMIS.  Maritime Drilling Schools Limited is proud to offer this program and hope that all who take it will benefit in their endeavors moving foward within this dynamic industry.