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Hi Reg and Linda,

Its been about a year now that the gf and I moved to Alberta. Thank you so much for your course and guidance, we could not have done it without you. After taking the course we moved to Calgary and stayed with a cousin for a little while until we got jobs and got our own place. Only took me a few business days to get my first job as a roughneck! When you have MDS on your resume and all your safety tickets it looks like your serious and you have taking initiative to start a new career. MDS really is the best tool to open doors out here. It really made me stand out in the interview. I interviewed Tuesday and on Thursday I had my first hard hat and coveralls. I am always going to remember my first day as a roughneck! What a great experience, if you make it through your first day and your first hitch, it’s a walk in the park after that boys. I love working the floor and throwing tongs, it’s a lot of fun, and will make you a lot stronger. I was able to catch on quickly what was going on and knew some lingo and key words. The guys were impressed how well I handled tongs. Go out back and get good and fast at it and you will get respect quickly. There are so many jobs that are associated with Oil and Gas its crazy. Don't be shy ask the service guys that come out to the rig what they do, if they like it, $$ etc. I went into service after 3 months on drilling rigs (Double and Super Single) and now make 120k a year and drive a brand new company truck with a gas card. I used my roughneck experience as a foundation or stepping stone to move to a service career that I find super interesting and specialize in now. Again because I have MDS on my resume and some experience on the rigs it only took me 10 days to lock down my 2nd job. I have worked all over Alberta, Sask, and northern BC. Paid back 18k of debt from University, and have 30k with this weeks pay for a down payment on a house with my gf, now my fiance, we got engaged in Banff. I worked my ass off and have been very disciplined and if you are willing to work hard dreams can come true. As for the wife, she got a job at a hotel here in Calgary to start. Someone noticed she was doing a good job and recruited her for another job. Now she has a really great career that she is very happy at and I am super proud of her. Boys really try and learn as much as you can from Reg he is a wealth of knowledge and its all gold what he teaches you. He really does give you all the tools you need to succeed, you just have to put the work in no excuses. Write down your own short and long term goals, be pro active, stick to them, the sky is the limit.


Thanks again Reg and Linda for your guidance,

Brett Beauchamp

Hey guys it's Travis,

Just to give you folks an update about what's going on right now in the rig scene. I ended up joining a service company. United Safety LTD. Small pay cut. 10% of the work of being a Roughneck and plenty of career opportunities. They have to hire 95 more people this year and an additional 1,500 next year. I'm going to be out in the field as an H2S Safety. Even though I love being a Roughneck I found that the job peaked as a push and you're always away from home. So many doors have opened since I left North Sydney and have nothing but thanks for you guys. If you have students that have any questions I am always free and happy to answer them just give them my e-mail. Like I said United Safety is hiring and all that the students need that they can't get at MDS is their PST (Petroleum Safety Training) which can be done online with Enform as well as a class 5 and drivers abstract. 24 years or older 3 or less demerits. Younger than 24 is 0 demerits. If you have students that are contacting you and have a hard time making it in on the drilling rigs then send them to United. I also recommend that if any student is coming to Alberta It's very important that they have a vehicle. I cannot stress it enough.

Thanks Linda! Send my best to Reg and Carla. Hope all is well.



Hello Linda,

I’m so happy to report that Mark landed an internship the Monday after he got back from Maritime Drilling School !! He started work in Texas one week later. I’m sure his resume with Maritime Drilling School training and the certifications he earned were critical to his success. I really enjoyed it up there. So did Mark.

Beautiful country and the friendliest people I’ve ever met (and I’ve traveled all over the world).


Teresa Rutledge


Dear Maritime Drilling School,

I just wanted to follow up and let you guys know that I found a job with Nabors Drilling in Pleasanton three days after graduation. I am flying out to San Antonio Texas soon for a drug test and physical. Afterward I am getting seven days of rig specific training and then It is off to work! When I was talking to them the only thing they asked me about was the school training and I think that is definitely what got me in the door.

I just want to say thanks again and I hope to see you guys in the future!

Sincerely, Mark Wilson


Dear Linda,

I just started my second hitch today. I got hired over a quick phone interview and an online personality test. No doubt because of all the certificates and training that Reg and Carla provided me. It definitely showed that I have the initiative to make this a career and succeed. My orientation was in late April and I wasn't even positive I got hired so easily until I arrived to it. I'm working for a drilling company as a floorman, after one day as a pit hand, for a company called Sidewinder Drilling. I'm working two weeks on and two weeks off, but I can always work more at another rig and have gas paid for if I call H.R. or they call me first. They are fairly new, established in 2011, but growing quick so it's perfect for moving up the ladder quick if you can learn fast. We recently bought out a company called UDI, Union Drilling, and are trying to buy Nomac Drilling from Chesapeake Energy. The goal is to be international in a couple years and I hope to travel with new rigs. I'm working on a top drive triple with an iron roughneck. What's really cool is the rig walks itself to the next hole on the pad. I'm working just west of Laredo Texas in the Eagle Ford area. We drilled the three largest producing wells in it and are just about to finish four more right next to them. Rumor in the camp is we are going to move after this pad to a new operating company that will give us quite a bit in bonuses a month. Probably just speculation and hopes because we don't get them now but I'll buy into, especially if means moving away from three miles from the Texas-Mexico border to a place cooler! I hope everything up at the school is going well and everyone is good too.

Thank you for all the knowledge you all have given me, it definitely shows when I'm asked about things out here!

Dustin Stickney


Hello Linda,

After I did my MDS training in 2013, I didn't want to move to Alberta, so I worked here to pay off my MDS schooling and then took my HUET training, then I applied to Transocean & on my 19th birthday, I was doing my medical and was off to Newfoundland to a rig and new career. I was told my application was moved up because of the training I took; it showed I was Serious and the company was impressed with my certification. I am now in Mississippi on a rig headed back to Newfoundland.

Thank you all & I am excited about my new career.

Blake Boutilier


Reg and Team,

After contacting Patterson UTI, I drove to Wyoming where a job fair was being conducted. I was interviewed for position with Patterson UTI and was offered a job. I will be departing for Colorado within the next couple of weeks for rig specific training. I want to thank you all for your help. I will keep you posted once I am assigned to a rig.

V/R, Jon


Hi Reg,Linda and Carla

Just emailing to say thank you for all the knowledge I gained from the Roughneck course in January this year and thanks for the heads up that Diamond Offshore were recruiting. I managed to get an interview with Diamond Offshore a week ago and was offered a Roustabout position. My first trip to the North Sea is in 3 weeks. Ash from HR was very impressed with all the certificates gained from MDS and said it made my CV stand out from the rest. Getting offshore in the North Sea as an entry lever roustabout is extremely competitive but with the course you taught, it put me miles in front of everyone else. Thanks again for the knowledge, training and endless cups of coffee, I have finally landed my dream job and got a job for life. Good luck to everyone else taking the Roughneck course and landing your first job in the industry, this course really does help.

Many Thanks

Will Puxley


Hi Linda,

I will be very glad to recommend or embolden friends of mine to enrol into the Maritime Drilling School without hesitation because my time spent at the school has made me a significant asset to companies out there which will not cease calling my cell number each time I apply. Since I successfully made it through the program last December 2013, I had applied to multiple companies both within and outside Newfoundland some of which had interviewed me in person and on the phone. I have applied to companies such as Savannah, Xtreme Drilling, Savage Services, and Trinidad Drilling, which are not only located outside Newfoundland, but also which had called me just a few days after I applied to them individually. I have also dropped off a few resumes at some recognized recruiting companies here in Newfoundland which had called me, interviewed me, and assured me jobs come this Summer because of my certificates attained at the Maritime Drilling School, North Sydney, Nova Scotia. The reason why I had not picked up yet any of the jobs I had been offered in Alberta, it's because of a program which I enrolled into in January 2014 at the University here in St. John's, NL, since I left you guys in North Sydney, NS, last December 2013. I must be very candid, I had always been offered jobs each time I applied since my arrival back home because of the program at that wonderful school. I have stopped applying for jobs for the main time until the end of my current program at the university which I hope to finish effectively next month. I remember applying to Savannah which called me just two days after I had applied to them and scheduled me for interview the next day at 9:am at their Brooks office in Alberta while I am still in school in St. John's, NL. I had to tell the human resource officer that called me from Savannah that I would not be able to make to the interview at the prescribed time because I had been enrolled into school since January 2014, and that I could take the job at the end of my current program which she said would be determined when I call to remind them. I am very grateful for having taken the program and for all the care, love, and wonderful friendship that you guys showed me while I was there.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph Octavious


Hello Linda,

Hey guys hope all is well, really enjoyed the course and all the info I got is really useful. A few days after finishing up I flew out to Alberta and within 1 day got a call back from Precision Well Services. Passed my drug/physical earlier today and now off to orientation, they were surprised with all my tickets!

Thanks a lot guys,

Riley LeBlanc


Hi Linda,

I apologize for not being in touch. I'm doing great with Savanna Energy. I was immediately hired as a leasehand when I left school, but with the knowledge you gave me, I was quickly promoted to Roughneck. Today, I work as a motor hand and already training for Derricks position. Extend my regards to Reg. Tell the guys in class that, they won't regret coming to MDS. Oilfield is hiring everywhere and encourage them to apply in person.


Roland Nkaimbi, .


Hey Reg, Carla and Linda,

It's Travis from the December 2013 course. So here's the story and I suggest this for any other Canadian students. As soon as I got back home in NB from North Sydney I immediately started my job hunt. I ended up sending out a resume to every company in canada on IADC.com and CAODC.com and every job I could find on Indeed.ca. I heard back from a couple companies after about a week or so and they basically wanted me to move to Alberta and then apply within.

After a couple weeks I started to catch on to the process and didn't give up and eventually changed my home address to my cousins address out of Calgary and immediately got responses from Trinidad Drilling and Nabors. (emailing all these companies so they would receive it monday morning) Trinidad called me monday and wanted me to come in Tuesday up in Nisku for a D&A/physical test. I had to decline and then jumped on a plane that thursday and headed to Calgary.

The following Monday I headed to Nisku. No interview they hired me right away (thank you MDS) after watching them turn away a dozen applicants. Put me through orientation. The following day I did my D&A/physical test. GET IN SHAPE!!!! (it wasn't an easy Physical test to do. get used to lifting 100lbs). I suggest not buying any supplies your company might give you things like FR coveralls and a Hard hat. Ended up buying a cheap work truck 4X4 to get to work now I'm just waiting for my start date and today was the day I did my D&A/physical test. Everything will come up clear and should be good to go anytime.

Trinidad Drilling pushed me to the top of their hiring list because of Maritime Drilling Schools and my knowledge of the Oilfield. I was told next call they get for a Leasehand I'll be heading out to the field. Good luck on your adventures future MDS graduates!

Thank you Reg and Carla for being such great Instructors. Your knowledge helped me out incredibly!

Better news now! start on Thursday night for a nice long hike. Been in Alberta one week and already have work!


Travis Hachey


Greetings from Australia,

Hi Linda and Reg,

Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I didn’t have much to report until now. I’ve gotten a job working as a roustabout for trans ocean. My first swing will be in Singapore where the drillship that I’ve been assigned to is undergoing a refit. I’m leaving for Singapore in 2 days. I had my interview and my medical months ago, but it has taken this long for an opening to come up.

When Trans ocean interviewed me, they seemed very interested in the MDS course and the certificates that it allowed me to attain. I am very pleased with what I’ve gotten out of the course and have no doubt that it was critical to being given the offer of employment. I’ll get back to you again after my first swing and am looking forward to that Singapore climate that Reg loves so much.

Kind regards

Christopher Fox.


Hi Carla,

How are things? Things here are good. All 5 of us students have found work with 3 of the 5 working on drilling rigs and 2 are working in the service support company here in North Dakota.

Hope all is well.

Kindest regards,

Kevin Krentz


So now we’re Roughnecks, eh?

Hello, all. Just wanted to let you know that Kevin and I got picked up yesterday by Pioneer Energy Services in Pennsylvania. It took six stops and just under a day and a half before we got a hit. So, overall, it worked out pretty good. I start on Monday (mid-rotation) and Kevin starts the following week. We’ll be doing 14 on/14 off. Looks like I’ll be on a top-drive double, with the camp right next to the lease. It’s only 8-9 hours from home, so it’s a bearable drive every two weeks. They asked a couple times about prior experience, but it didn’t matter once they saw all the tickets.

Without them, I’m positive we wouldn’t have gotten an offer. They were pretty impressed with us having attended your school. In fact, I received a call from the driller less than 15 minutes after walking out of the office. Kevin got the call shortly afterwards. Oh, and the final thing is that we were told multiple times that it’s taking four to eight weeks to screen those online applications. So just because they don’t respond right away doesn’t mean they’re not going to call. In any case, thanks again.

I’ll keep you guys updated on how things are in the Marcellus & Utica shale regions.

Best regards,

Joel Duncan


Hi Reg, Linda and Carla,

My apologies to all of you for not updating you on my job search. Well since I graduated in May 2012 I was not in a rush to go to the oil field since I had a good job. I finally gave up the job in Dec.2012 and took an offer with Savanna Drilling in NM. where I was hired as a leasehand working 28 on and 2 weeks off, pay was $20.00 /hr and 12 hrs days, 7 days week, I did the first rotation and QUIT because I did not meet good people, could not go to sleep after a long day of work because of too much smoking inside the Camp we live in. Applied with Halliburton Energy Services and was hired immediately so I started a new career as an Operator Assistant 1 Frac /Acid in PA (oil fracturing). Annual pay including OT is about $78.000 a year and a good retirement plan, $32 per diem a day, staying in very clean hotel rooms, 2 people assign to a room, when night shift guy is at work day shift is sleeping in the room by himself and vise versa, working 2 weeks on and 1 week off. I LOVE it and have been working now for 5 months. I am planning to go International Offshore in the next couple of months when I meet OA 2 level.

To all graduating students; Everything that all the Instructors are telling you about the oil field is 102 % true, Even Reg's jokes too.You'll see them on a daily basis. You already have experience when you graduate, so Choose an Area where you want to work, Move there with all your tickets, and then start the application process. After you apply, go in and knock at doors and don't relay on phone calls. Make sure you ask all questions during interview, Some companies will not call you if you live far away from work location.

Thank you all, my experience with Maritime Drilling School was very positive. I gained valuable skills, Knowledge and confidence for a new career.

Wish you all good luck Regards,

Romanus Dorr. (From Cameroon W. Africa)


Hello Reg, Linda, and Carla,

So last time I told you that I was on my way to Texas to interview with Patterson-UTI. It was a success! Pending the results of a drug test (no worries on that) they have offered me a floorhand position. They do have a mandatory training period that is a partnership with the University of Texas. You should have seen their faces and exasperation when I presented them with a photocopy page of all the tickets from MDS. They were literally blown away! They said that the initiative shown by taking the class in advance and ponying up the money to do so was almost as impressive as the resulting certifications.

There were all sorts of talk about fast tracking my career as long as I put forth the effort once I get to my rig. I spoke with two different Superintendents who both wanted me to be assigned to one of their rigs. I spoke of my goal to become a driller within two years and was reassured that unless I am a total loser out on the floor it should happen faster than that with those tickets and training from MDS. I cannot tell you how great it feels to know that my time spent with MDS is already beginning to pay dividends.

Thank you for helping me to accomplish this change in my career and life. I'm still in awe of the reaction from those guys. I mentioned that they had hired other graduates of MDS  In short, yesterday was probably the best day of my life thus far. I owe a lot of it to you guys. To all you other students out there, activity is the key. I went to North Dakota and lived out of my truck for two weeks trying to get a job only to end up in Texas. But I was constantly applying in person and online. It paid off. I now have the opportunity to make my dreams come true.

You never know where that shot will come from, but if you just sit around waiting for it to come to you it won’t happen. You have to go get it! Don't underestimate what Reg and Carla have taught you and don't be afraid to tell people about it. You have got to make a little noise if you want to be heard.

With sincere thanks,

James Thiffault


Hey Reg & Linda,

Well I finally made it to Texas- and it's true what everyone was telling me, the hardest part is finding somewhere to rent. Once I got my Midland/Odessa address, I got an interview the following week with Canelson. The interview was at 11 a.m and I was hired by 12. They were familiar with the school and other graduates from Maritime Drilling School-I start at $21.30 hour(leasehand),$100. per diem, 401k, dental, health, etc. and 40 hours overtime per week. 28 days on 14 days off. I can't wait for that first paycheck!

I really enjoyed your school, it was a great experience.

Thanks again,

Austin Grenier


Hi Linda ,

Sorry I haven't responded back sooner. I am working for Patterson Uti out of midland Texas. I started my first hitch on an old Kelly rig box on box sub....Now I'm working on a sling shot rig with a top drive. We hardly ever use tongs, just to connect the bit or break it. I am getting promoted to motor hand ... not bad for only doing two hitches and getting bumped up.

For the future students, listen well and take a lot of notes on Bop ,well control etc...while attending MDS, this will help you with your orientation and any further company training. We are drilling for pioneer and these companies have well control as mandatory training and passing scores of 80 percent..if you don't pass these classes given through the company , you will be released.....After I left the MDS class it took me about 3 months to get hired on....Most of the companies out here make you do additional training before final interview to make sure you are a competent person.


William Kaeo


To all the staff at MDS:

I like your new website and student testimonials page which I read with great interest and delight.
I took a gamble and invested in this course and flew to Sydney from Dublin in late 2009. I had worked on mines before but I wanted more action so Oil & Gas was the direction. The economy was weak activity was low. I took a gamble and it paid off, just like Reg said it would.
Trust me, I applied everywhere twice and some interviews mixed in with billions of e-mails.
Then one day I got accepted and I started on the North Sea on a Jack-up, with a directional drilling service crew, JACKPOT! Currently working in all over Europe and East Africa for good measure. A holiday every month location of my choice!
I am still earning my strips here at work but my education at MDS has progressed my career big style.
With the way things are going over your way in Canada in the Oil and Gas sector I may just come a knocking lookin for a well.

God Bless All
Niall McLoughlin

Subject: hey Reg

Howdy Reggie and Linda!

So you wanna be a Roughneck eh'??

Clark Simpson from the January course here. I hope you are well and keeping busy?

I wanted to update you on my progress since leaving MDS which has been really good. When you slipped off to Dakota in the last week I received a phone call from Transocean offering me a job interview for the week I got back. I went for the interview and was offered the position of Roustabout that very day, they were impressed with the tickets I had received at MDS and having already employed a couple of guys who had completed the MDS course. This week I have been carrying out my induction with the company, mostly getting fed all the company jargon to be honest then next week I am heading up to the Sedco 704 rig where I will begin a 2/2 rotation. The rig is to undergo a refit between now and August so will be in dry dock for this time. I'm really excited to get started and also full of nerves. It appears that in the North Sea Transocean are one of the best for pay and my initial salary will be £41k or in Canadian just shy of $64k. I was amazed when I got the contract through and i'm sure other guys would be excited to see these sort of opportunities!!
I cannot thank you enough for the knowledge and confidence you have given me to embark on this exciting new career and I look forward to keeping you updated as I climb the ladder.

Please pass on my kindest regards to Carla and it would be great to hear from you all.

Keep up the brilliant work and thanks again.

Clark Simpson


Hi Linda,

I graduated from MDS in October, 2004; and left for the oilfields of Alberta in December of that year with my girlfriend and our daughter, in search of career.
Although, thanks to MDS, I had a job interview already lined up with Precision Drilling, I was hired by my most recent employer, Concord Well Servicing (now Tervita Production Services), on my very first day in Edmonton.
I was staying at a Days Inn in West Edmonton and had gone to the lobby to get a map so I could find my way to Nisku.
As I stood in the lobby, waiting for the elevator and trying to decipher the map, I was approached by a man in a wheelchair. He asked if I needed directions. I told him that would be very helpful as I had a job interview in Nisku that afternoon. He asked me what kind of job, so I told him, referencing that I was only eighteen and had just attended MDS. It turns out that he had heard of the school and as we boarded the elevator, he said something that changed my life,
" You seem like a nice kid and you took a hell of a risk moving your family out here. My name is Gordon Vivian and I own Concord Well Servicing. I'd be happy to give you a job, Luke."
It was incredible. I was working on a rig before I had found an apartment and, thanks to my education at MDS, I was started as an experienced hand, rather than as a trainee. On my very first day, I earned more per hour than the two roughnecks who were training me!
Concord is now called Tervita, and they are the largest privately owned service rig company in Canada, with over one hundred rigs.
Thanks to the wonderful people and opportunities provided to me there over the last nine years, including a Heavy Equipment Technician apprenticeship, I now find myself drilling on a service rig in Queensland, Australia for another Canadian service rig company, Savanna Energy. My schedule is 28 days on, and 28 days off, with pay. I earn almost two hundred thousand dollars a year, for less than six months worth of work, and it's all thanks to an add for MDS that my parents saw in a Halifax newspaper.
I am living a fantasy. I work less and earn more and I do it in a tropical country; and it all started when I enrolled at Maritime Drilling Schools.

Thank you,

Luke Edwards




From: Mathew Little

Hey Linda and Reg just got done my week of training monday everything went well start my first hitch the 31st. I'm 2 weeks on 2 weeks off Im leave out of cameron,LA for now be switching depending on where the rig is. They paid me to go to training gave me a free spot to stay and eating was free so cant complain. Hercules offshore drilling is the comapny im with. All I can suggest to anyone is keep on looking you will find a job just takes time. Took me a little over 4 months I think but it was well worth the wait.Good benefits,pay,and I can still live in Maine travel back and forth every two weeks. Also just a heads up to any new students companys are doing hair follice drug test now. Happend to get one with my company just remember it goes back 4 months just a word of advice dont think your gonna only need 30 days to clean out your system because you might get a hair test that goes back 120 days. All I can say is thanks guys my whole life changed in a day when Took Maritime Drilling Schools program and I got this job. Hope all is well and hope to hear back from you.

Best regards,

Matthew Little


From: Edward J. O'Brien / Willie

Merry Christmas Linda, Reg, and Karla:

God Bless all of you and i wish all of you the best in the holiday season. Reg, you were right that you have to keep pushing and sending out resumes , i have sent out over 216 to different companies and yes I did find work. Hired on with Cross Borders Consulting working on the Coring Rigs.  I will never regret what you have done for me as i know there are lots of opportunities available for me especially when it is going to boom here on the west coast in oil. they say it is way bigger than hibernia. Most importantly i want to say is that i respected all of you guys and i have learned greatly from doing the MARITIME DRILLING COURSE, it has opened doors for me for the future. To all of those who come after,, BE PREPARED PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY and you will make out ok

Sincerely Yours,

Crazy Eddie


From Tim Fitzpatrick

Hi Carla

Sorry, I missed your reply. My internet access as been sporadic these past couple of weeks. Been here in Nfld, back to Ontario, and then back here in St. John's again - so a lot of travel trying to get things in order. The good news is that I did get the job. They gave me a pretty decent offer and I just finished my first week working with them. They seem to be a good company, and everyone I have dealt with there to date have been excellent! It will be a challenging position for sure, but that is okay as I have never been afraid of a challenge yet!

I want to say thank you again, to you and Reg and Linda. I know for sure that the training I received there played a big part in me getting this job! That training helped make me stand out from the other people applying based on the feedback that I am getting.

Keep doing what your doing -because you do it well!!

All the best to you guys!

Much Thanks



From: Kyle O' Riordan

Hi Linda ,

Just letting you know I got the job with Transocean Offshore Drilling won't be going offshore
right away but they offered me a position delighted... Thanks for all you
and Reggie's the big mans help.



From: Dan Spicer

Good Morning Linda,

I hope this letter finds you all doing great.

I am doing very well since I left Maritime Drilling School. My experience there and the skills I learned are invaluable. I made a binder with all of my certifications, as well as the ones I got at the Fire Academy, made a bunch of copies of my resume and headed off to West Virginia and Pennsylvania as soon as I got back from the school. I had no luck whatsoever. The people were rude and I ran into one brick wall after another. I heard a lot of grumbling about Obama and the lack of support to the industry with our current leadership. I came home slightly deflated because I was sure if I showed my binder and my enthusiasm for working, that would have a job in one day.

I went straight for Plan B and loaded everything I owned in my truck and took off for North Dakota. I arrived there at 4:00 PM on a Monday evening in late June and by 10:00 AM the next day, I was hired at Versatile Energy Services. They are a well servicing company. I have been relatively happy with my pay and they pay for all of my housing and food and mileage, etc. I have been working for them for just over three months now and have been very happy, but now I feel like it is time to move on. I want to work on a rig. So, last week I applied to two very reputable companies (Precision and Ensign) and both companies sent me to do the employee screening and I am waiting to hear from both of them as of today. They were impressed with my credentials and I have no doubts that my screenings will come back fine. I am just waiting to hear. As of now, though, I am still working at Versatile until I hear back from the two companies.

All in all, my experience with Maritime was a very positive one. I gained valuable skills and confidence in my ability to make it in the drilling industry. I graduated the school in early June 2012 and I was working by late June 2012. I will follow up with an e-mail this week or next when I hear from the drilling companies I have applied with. I would like to rough it through this winter in North Dakota and continue on there until September or October of 2013. Then my goal is to head down to Texas or Louisiana to work in the gulf region. Ultimately, I will fulfill my dream of working on the off-shore rigs.

I apologize it took three months to follow up with you, I only remembered to e-mail when I was out on location.

Best Regards,

Dan Spicer


From: Robin Thompson

Hi Linda hope your well,

I had my interview last Monday with Transocean and good news they offered me the position of Roustabout the very next day on one of their offshore rigs in the North Sea. They paid for me to do my medical yesterday which I passed with no problems. I have handed in my notice with my current employers and hope to start my new offshore life within the next month or two.

I would like to thank you for your help in landing this job with the largest offshore drilling company in the world :-), I couldn't be happier with the way things have gone as its only been a month since I passed the Roughneck course and now i've been given a job by a top company in the north sea which is notoriously difficult to get a job without previous experience, which says a lot for the training I received during my 20 days with MDS. I had a great time, learned so much and was part of a great class.

Once again many thanks and please give my best regards to Reg & Carla.

Best Regards,
Robin Thompson


From: Andy Hancox

Hello Linda,

Let Reg know I got hired by CanElson Drilling as a leasehand they were very impressed with all the certificates I earned

at MDS. I have all the certificates needed to work for them so they are putting me straight to work. I got hired on Monday

I start Wedensday they work 12 hr shifts 28 on and 14 off. Linda thank you for sending me the lead on this company in your

e-mail. The job is in Midland, Texas.

Thank you all very much!!!

Andy Hancox



After finishing the course last January, I was hired three days later by CWC Well Servicing as a roughneck and have been with them ever sense. I worked in south eastern Saskatchewan for about a year, and I'm currently based out of Red Deer, Alberta traveling all over centeral Alberta working on an oilwell servicing rig. After a few months of working as a roughie I started to be trained for derrickhand, and I've been a derrickhand for two months now. Taking the course opened up a million opportunities for me, I'm working the oilsands to gain experience so I can eventually work offshore Newfoundland. Hope you and Reg are doing great! And thanks again for everything you've done for me!

Thanks again,

Dalton Tapper

Hi Linda

It's Paulo NIgro from Jan 2011 every thing is good, I'm working with Chinook Drilling as a roughneck working 2 weeks on 1 off and sometimes somebody doesn't make it back for their hitch so u got to cover for them, it sucks but good $ lol but it's hard ass work, I can see why 1 out of 10 make it, its not easy but there is so much to learn. If u can't learn things out here u wont make it because you do everything from  picking up a broom to fixing a steam line, and know the procedures of fixing a steam line, one is finding out if its frozen and has backed up pressure from the steam so u don't get a nasty burn. Well to all u young guys and first timers, here's a job that u never say NO to cleaning the cellar where the B.O.P's are located.  You don't have a choice but anyway its part of your duties so u got to learn to love it, that's what makes the job a little bit easier. If  they see that your motivated and wanting to work they tend not to mess with u as much. What they want to see from u is if you're a quick learner, capable to work under lots of pressure on the rig floor. So its like this they are  putting u through tests and I am not messing with u so if u don't know what it is or something doesn't look right ask questions go get help there is no such thing called a stupid question out here and pay attention when they are describing job tasks to u and the way it is done. Keep your motor man happy and your life will be easier, ok that's all that I have to share with u fresh meat good luck ciao and Linda can u please mention to Reg about the offshore rigs going over seas for work.

Thank You,

Paulo Luigi Nigro


Hi Reg and Linda,

I've been busy working for Nabors Drilling USA since 2 weeks after graduating from MDS, Oct. 29th, 2011. Sid Viljoen and I went to the Casper WY, office and were offered the floorman positions immediately upon showing them our list of tickets gotten from you all. Worked down in Colorado for 2 tours and then transferred up to North Dakota's Bakken, where I was assigned to a new rig B4, mostly automated/computerized with topdrive, TM80, spinning mousehole, pipeloader/pragma, etc. This is still by far the hardest job I've ever done. They don't give any money away here. A couple weeks ago we were facing minus 40-50 degrees F windchill on mornings shift.
First rig was with a bunch of old school boys, luckily we stacked out that rig before I transferred to ND. I'm finally getting into the routine of 2 weeks on and off. I'm beat after 2 weeks and in need of a rest. Pay is $24.75 hour (first 40 hrs) then $37.12 for rest, usually 47-50 hrs. overtime, plus $35 per diem. Staying in a catered man camp about 20 miles from the rig.

I'm 54 yrs old and plenty of guys my age aren't picked up that don't have experience, I was told later only reason I was hired was the MDS program, thanks Reg. To all you students..... pay attention, be keen and be ready to bust your ass. You will have the qualifications to get the jobs, but you have to get out there and make it happen. Try and team up with another guy or guys and start applying in person right after you complete the MDS course. I can't tell you how important it was to have Sid with me when driving around and applying. It will be tough at times, but it will work out faster than you think. Good luck to all and thanks again to MDS. Time to head down to the beach for a well deserved Maitai.

Aloha from Kona Hawaii,

Doug Emmons


From: Kimberly Akiki


Howdy! All is going well here. Jamie has gotten a job with Geoservices, mudlogging in the GOM. I signed on with Nabors, in Synder Texas, working on a workover rig. Things are rolling in Texas.

The best advice I can give new students is to know where they want to work and go there. Knock of doors, get phone numbers and stay in front of them. I applied for jobs online in my area of interest, made calls, then hit the road. I got my job within 4 days of arriving in Texas. And I strongly suggest obtaining a commercial driving license with tanker and hazmat endorsement. If you cannot get on a drilling platform there are tons of jobs in the fracing, cementing, pumping, and hauling chemicals and water that can get you in the door very quickly.

Regarding our H2S permenant cards, can you please advise when we might receive them. Neither Jamie or myself have received ours yet and the temporary one will expire soon. I would appreciete it if you can make some inquiries and get back to us at your earliest convenience.

Take Care. Say hi to Reg and Carla for me.

Thank you,

Kim Akiki 


Hey Linda,

How you and Reg doing?

Curious I was about to drop you a few lines today and when I opened my computer , there you were!!!

I work now for Halliburton in cementing dept since Oct 28th out of Lloydminster AB and I just get back from camp for over 5 weeks, it is my request to stay as long as possible in camp in busy season and take all summer off

Halliburton is a great company with super benefits, base salary plus job bonus we can work all year long, no or very little spring break out , anyway we got are base salary which is not bad.

They are looking for good people all the time and job is not hard as on a ri.

They put me into a 40 days training class including class 1 driver course, they provide a nice hotel for the training, meal per diem 45$ a day and they also provide all ppe summer and winter but boots. (you can put them in your expense report up to 150$ a year)

the address to apply is halliburton.com

take it easy and thanks to MDS!!!




Hi Linda

Trevor is still in Alberta working for High Artic Energy. He loves it and is doing really well. Because he had your training he was able to get his class 1 drivers license while others had to train for the job.

This course was well worth the money.


Liette Watson



Dear Linda and Reg,

I appreciate the great learning experience you provided at MDS. I am currently employed with Key Energy Services in Williston, North Dakota. I am currently a floorhand on a workover rig making very good money and having all my day to day living expenses and travel covered by the company. I was hired about 5 days after leaving MDS and began my training a few days later. Key Energy as well as every other company in the Williston area are desperately looking for manpower. If any of your students need help finding a job I am more than confident I will be able to connect them with HR if they have your course and get them hired on quickly. Reg, I just want you to know how awesome it is being a roughneck these days. The work is ridiculously hard and the hours are longer than hell, but when its all said and done the paycheck makes up for it just like you said. I hope this letter finds you in good health and happiness.

All the best,

Ash Divecha



Hi guys,

Randy here checking in from the last class April 26-May 15. I landed in Fort St Johns June 1st and was hired June 2nd by the first company I applied to. I was hired on the spot, I applied at 10:00 am and was working at 10:10am.

I am now employed by Grimes Well Servicing LTD RIG 6 as a roughneck and we head out to Fort Nelson this Monday with the rig. We are currently working in the yard getting the rig ready for departure. It’s a double and the crew, are a bunch of good guys. The pay is standard rate at 28$/hr. but my driller said I'll be getting more as the Wellcap, Rigpass, and Floorhand tickets are a huge asset. Not to mention the stack of tickets I came out here with.

Reg and Max thanks for the awesome training you guys were great. I have told many friends about the great training/experience I had at the school.

Best regards,
Randy Suddad



I am pleased to advise that Adam has secured a permanent job with Savanna. They gave him his coveralls and hardhat yesterday and he is presently awaiting a call on his posting.

From the perspective of a parent I cannot thank you and Maritime Drilling Schools enough for all you have done to assist Adam throughout the education and employment process. Not only did the school provide him with excellent training, but the school’s support continued long after he completed the program, until he found meaningful employment. On behalf of the school, you personally never failed to promptly answer my many inquiries with sound, sensible advice. I would highly recommend Maritime Drilling Schools to anyone.

Once Adam receives some experience you can count on his return to Maritime for advanced training.

Kindest regards,

Don Burrage


Hi there Reg.

Derek MacDougall here. I was a student in the Maritime Drilling School in the Autumn of 2002. I left Nova Scotia a few weeks later for the province of Alberta. I worked in the patch for about five years, which incidentally is about the amount of time I thought it might take to pay off my student loan from my years at St.F.X.U.

I am happy to report that I am still living in Alberta and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and direction. I don't work on drilling rigs any more but your course coupled with your mentorship has assisted me in ways that you may never understand.

By the way Reg...lookin' good old boy. Lookin' good.

Easy Money!!!
Derek MacDougall


To: Maritime Drilling Schools Limited

Hi there, I am working with Nabors Production Services out of Grande Prairie, Alberta and started in July as a Roughneck. I am also trained up as a Derrickman and love it out here working 21 on and anywhere from 3 to a week off.  They are hurting for workers as rigs are sitting because there is no crews to run them, so it shouldn't be hard to get employment for anyone wanting to work out here.

Nick Wasson


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Hi Rhonda,

Hope this is the right address. Yes, I did find work, and it's a leasehand position with Predator Drilling, out of Red Deer, Alberta.


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for asking, Yes I did find job employment with High Artic Energy Services.

William Bray, BFA



To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Hi Reg,

I am William McMullen, I attended the March 2008 class.  I've been working on service rigs in Saskatchewan since graduating from the course, I am currently a Derrickhand / Spare Operator. They are an excellent company to work for and offer good benefits, top wages, room for advancement and lodging can be made available.  We are currently looking for hard working individuals to become part of our team.  Could you please pass along this info to your students.

Thanks again for getting me started in this field.  Hope everyone is doing well.


William McMullen


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Hi Rhonda,

Its Charles Burns from the March class.  I would like to let you know that I am hired on as a laborer for CH2M Hill. Its not on a rig, but the money is good.  I am sure they picked me because of the certifications that I received at your school. I'll be working up in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and working on the ENI project.  I figure it's my way of getting my foot in the door.  Well, thanks for everything.

Charles Burns


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Hey Reg, mate how's it going?  It's Billy Lynes from New Zealand here, attended your school early last year and thought I'd let you guys know I finally got a job on a rig!  I had to move to Perth, Australia.  I am flying offshore in a couple of weeks as a roustabout with Diamond Offshore. 

Billy Lynes


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

In January 2010 I got the job of my dream on an ultra deep water drill ship with SIPEM as a roustabout.

I just want to say thank you! At least I am on a rig!

Yours Sincerely,

Viacheslav Davydov


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Good Morning Rhonda,

Anyway thank you,  By the way in 2 weeks time I will be leaving for Nigeria, BG Exploration Group contacted me and offered me a job as a Roughneck.  So I would like to thank all of you.


Branislav Vojtek



To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Hi Rhonda,

Apologies for not having responded earlier, but I was on my final hitch of the season last week.  I am working with Stoneham Drilling. I flew out on January 11th and started working on Rig #7 on January 22nd.

Please give Reg my regards,

Jeff Novak


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Good Morning Reg,

I hope you and your brother are doing well.  I took your course last year. (English soldier now lives in New Brunswick). I have been working for Stoneham Drilling for the last 5 months, but the rig has now closed down, if you know anyone who needs Roughnecks on a drilling rig or service rig here or overseas please could you let me know.

Many thanks,

Marc Dunleavy


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Hi Rhonda,

Great news, Brian was hired yesterday to start working today in Grand Prairie!  He is so happy.  I am writing an email to Reg to thank him.

Thanks again, Rhonda, for being there for Brian!

Take care,

Susan Sharpe


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Good Morning,

Yes I am currently working in North Dakota for Paramount Drilling U.S. I am now a lead Floorhand and assistant motors.  It did take a few months to get lined up, but I know your course helped me get in.  I waited for this company to have an opening because they're the highest paying in North Dakota with starting wages at 80K a year 7 on 7 off.  This course was very helpful and I am glad I took it.  Please pass this message on to Reggie because I owe it to him and tell the students to hang in there and never give up. Its worth it!

Thanks to all again,

Kristopher Miller



To Maritime Drilling Schools

Hi Rhonda and Reg,

I did manage to find employment shortly after I finished at Maritime Drilling Schools, I am now lead RFD /Snub operator with High Artic Energy Services and Optimal Pressure Services.  I am working 30 days in and 10 out all over Northern Alberta and BC.  I am currently in the Helmut gas fields, close to the NWT border, but I am soon heading to a project in Australia.  Thanks to your program, employment was a cinch.


Tom Brennan


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Hi Rhonda,

Sorry for being so late getting back I been in the field and just got back, since I finished at MDS I been working at my at my advanced level, then I got a call from Halliburton in Grand Prairie Alberta.  All of out work is in BC where we are working in the field.  I work in production  enhancement coil tubing division.  MDS was a fantastic learning curb for me and most of all a great program.  Coil tubing drilling is what I am looking at now, with my advanced level it will get me there quicker.  Hello to Reg and Colin, I should be back in North Sydney to write my advanced level.

Take care, all the best.

Todd Vincent


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Hi Rhonda,

This is Tammy Chase, Michael's wife.  Michael is leaving this morning for British Columbia to become a leasehand on Rig 19.  He is very happy to finally get placed in a job.  Thanks for your inquiry and I'll let Michael know that you were in touch.

God Bless,

Tammy Chase


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

How's it going?  Yes I found a job 5 hours after I started to fax resumes, I am working in British Columbia on a telescopic double for Stoneham Drilling.  Getting ready to head back to the west coast today actually, working two weeks on 1 week off.

John McGuire  


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

Subject: Hey Reg 

Hey Reg how's it going..I attended your Drilling school in March of 07...and I have to say the knowledge that I acquired through you and Colin has been put to great use.. I moved out west in may of 07 but seeing spring break up was still on I took up a job framing.. but was still getting out there making contacts and meeting people in the Oil industry. Well needless to say with all the Certifications that I attained from attending your school spoke for themselves on a resume.. I have been working For Cardinal Well Services for over six months now and am putting all that knowledge to use...Sure helped me out because I was going in as a green hand but with all the shit you crammed into our heads.. made it seem like I had been out there for years, picked it up without hesitation.. Great thing is I started my training about a week ago to start pushing my own Service rig for the company...  They told me my rig will be ready in six months so I better be to...lol..I'll be the fastest person in company history to have my own rig in under a year of service...quite an honor...  And it was all made possible by your training... So Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication to the Industry... and instilling this into everyone who is lucky enough to pass through your doors..  So all you tell all those guys that you are teaching right now..Listen Up Guys he's giving you a the knowledge to be apart of one of the greatest careers. So take it all in..And yes I WANTED TO BE A ROUGHNECK EH...and Now A Toolpush and after that the possibilities are endless.. So keep Up the Good Work... Thanks For everything
Thomas McCormick


To; Maritime Drilling Schools

Subject: First Hitch

Hi Elaine                                        
How are things on the Cape? I am just coming to the
end of my first hitch with my new position in Oman.
Although my previous experience in the oil patch
helped me get this job the course at Maritime Drilling
was a definite asset to get this position as field
superintendent for MB Petroleum. I am hoping to take
one of the distance learning courses offered at MDS in
the future.

We are moving to PEI this summer and will be up on the
cape more often than the last 30 years.Thanks again
for everything and send my regards to Reg and
Colin.We'll see you at Rollie's

 Regards Kevin


To: Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd

Subject: A message from Pierre Presentado

Hi Reg


Hope things are going well for you. I received a phone call from Pierre this weekend and he wanted me to give you this message. He was unable to contact you himself.


He wanted to first say thank you for introducing him to the oil and gas industry and for providing such comprehensive training that has led to his dream job. Pierre has just been hired as an assistant Driller with Nabors in Saudi Arabia - not bad for someone who has never spent a day on a rig floor yet! His rotation is 35 on / 35 off. He'll drop by to say hi someday.


I wish you continued success




To: Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd

Subject: Thanks!!!


> Hope everyone at MDS is doing well.
> I was in your March 3rd class of 2008.
> I wanted to say thanks to Reg and Colin for the excellent training and the opportunity to start a new career in the oil/gas industry.
> After just two days of looking for employment, I landed a job with a Well Servicing Co. in Saskatchewan. I am heading out on April 2nd to start my career and get a feel for the area, and my family will follow.
> I will keep in touch.
> Thanks again!
> Sincerely
> William McMullen


To: Maritime Drilling Schools Limited

Subject: Hey Reg


Iam not sure if you remember me, but I was there about 4 weeks ago and took the course from Ontario. I am sure you remember Noodles lol, well I was in his class.
I thought I would drop you a line and let you know that there is another success story out here thanks to you and Colin.
I am currently in Sharjah in port with the rig, and will be leaving to float this big bugger out to Qatar. I am on the Noble Roger Lewis. It's a fully automated 6th generation. This things is massive and more than I expected but I am settling into my new position quite well.
I am one of 4 Safety Training Supervisors on board right now because there is allot to get ready before we sail, but this will eventually be mine with the help of another guy once we sail and get jacked up and everything.
I wanted to drop you guys a note to say thanks again, I would not be where I am were it not for the work that you guys did to prepare me for this challenge. You should check this sucker out online if you get a chance, she's a dandy!
Take care and say hi to everyone for me!
PS: I will keep in touch to keep you posted.
Thanks again.
Mike McGinnis


To: Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd.

Subject: Hi Reg & Collie


Hi Reg, Collie & Elaine,

Happy New Years to you all!

I have great news. After only sending out a few resumes on Friday I got a call Friday night from Treeline Well Services with a job offer. I am starting on January 4th as a Floorman on a service rig in Medicine Hat. The first thing they said was that they were impressed with my Pre-Floorman course and all my tickets and they knew that I could hit the ground running right away. I am pretty excited and a little nervous as this is all happening very fast.

I will keep you posted on how things go. The HR people were also wondering if Wade was looking for a job as they are interested in hiring people with the course.

Thanks again for all your help.



To: Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd

Subject: MDS Training


Hello Elaine,

Thank you again.  I am currently a trainee coil tubing supervisor with Schlumberger based in Aberdeen, Scotland.  I will be attending my first training  school next month and will be  following a structured career plan for the following 2 years.  I started the job in May of this year and was recruited whilst attending a Offshore Survival Course. 
There are plenty of opportunities in the North Sea and Africa.  I will remain in contact and once I return from school, and have more time, I will send more specific information to students who are interested in working over here.

I have yet to send you my completed worksheets from my introduction to well control course.  Can you confirm the course title and the date it must be completed by.




To: Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd

Subject: Jim Salter Junior

Hi Reg:


  I am presently working on land in China for Weatherford. They want me to look after an offshore project here for Apache. I need to get my H2S,First Aid and Confined Space Entry up dated. Would you have space available for me to be able to sit in on those portions of one of your courses? What would be the cost?

   On another note I may have a Co-Man Job offer if I had my IWCF well control ticket up to date. Are you set up to be able to offer that? If you are what would be the cost?

   I would be glad to talk to your guys for a question and answer sesion if you wanted while I was there.I will even talk money if you want.


Anyway drop me a line so that I can let Weatherford know the cost.






To: maritime Drilling Schools Limited

Subject: Hey from Shaun Wagner

hey reg long time no talk i am still on advance 3 been drillin for 3 years now.lots of responsibility but i love it .here is a picture of my tattoos.have u talked to jesse brass?i lost his number just wonderin if he made it on a rig .miss nova scotia it was really beautiful.we just built a couple rigs  sold one to a company in newfoundland to oil tech wish i could get on.i would like to come back to visit,maybe talk some training since my tickets have expired.been real busy my daughter turns four dec. 3 and my son eli turned 2 sept. 10.we r living on an acerage i bought it 2 years ago it is awesome.its by stoughton sask.i dont have my own email but this is my sisters if you want to send a message i will get.see later bud and keep turning out those roughnecks.tell you know a guy that wouldnt want to do anything else but rigs its a great career.




To: Maritime Drilling Schools limited

Subject: Hey Reggie

Hey Reg how's it going man? This is Mike Lessard here I took your course in November 2005. I'm doing pretty good I've been working out in Alberta ever since I'm just a roughneck a damn good one too thanks to you guys. But I was just wondering if you could give me some numbers for some OFF SHORE RIGS I think that's the way I want to go now. thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Mike Lessard



To: Maritime Drilling Schools

SUBJECT: Preston Henderson

Hey Reg and Collie,

I arrived in Edmonton 8 days ago as soon as I got here the process of drug screening and orientation began with Ensign Drilling.  Everything worked out and I am going to start tomorrow on my first rig up outside of Hines Creek in Northern Alberta. 

There weren’t many positions because of the weather but it just so happened on the day I passed my physical (today actually), I received a call asking me if I was interested in being a crew driver.  The pay is relatively the same so I figured I have to start somewhere.  Easy money!

The course was well received by Ensign and recognize it as a valuable course…It was good to know something about the industry before coming out here…

Take care and good luck with MDS

Preston Henderson

ps   I’ll take a shot at the title next time we cross!


To: Maritime Drilling Schools

SUBJECT: Message Board Posting

Hey reg, collie. Pete macmullin here from july-03. i've lived in
grande prairie since i finished the course and work for rockwell
servicing(ensign). im gettin my first line in 3 weeks and then they’re settin me up drilling. so tell everyone who takes your course to get to alberta because everyone needs hands so bad they'll be drilling in 2 years, if they can handle it. talk to you later.
pete macmullin


TO: Maritime Drilling Schools


SUBJECT: Hello & an Update


Hello Francis, Collie and Reg,  hope all is well with you and at the MDS.  I have spoken to quite a few people who know people who have attended or are planning on attending.  I recently got back from out west,  worked for Tri City for the second year now (Jan-Mar) & (Nov - Mar).  I was on the same rig with the same crew for both years.  This rig drills year round with the oil companies lined up for it, fast drilling with few complications.  The crew was good but the driller was an asshole, compared to the other drillers.   He was a great driller but you had to learn by watching him as he wasn't big on teaching.  A  red neck that always had a big wad of chewing tobacco in his craw, raised bulls for the rodeo in his off time.  Guys on the other crews said they would quit before working for him.  The push was great and my drillers older brother, although nothing like him.  
Rig 538 was a telescopic single with a max depth of 1000 metres, we would move every 3 to 4 days.  It was my choice to work a single because with all the moves you really got to know how things were rigged up and out.   Aron worked for Tri City the first year after graduating but broke his arm the week he was to head out this past year.  Rob (Stack) went out last year and was working for Ensign but didn’t go out this year.  Nancy worked landscaping and construction and hadn’t made her mind up as of last year…


Cheers Doug Hart


TO: Maritime Drilling Schools


Hello Reg & Collie

Robert Barrett here from your Nov 22 – Dec 11  2004 class.  Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how a few of us were making out.  John Mackee and myself drove out just before Xmas.  We both found work after 4 or 5 days.  I got on with Wilson and John with Jade.  I worked leasehand for three weeks before moving up to roughneck because an entire crew didn’t show up.  That was more then enough time to figure out I wasn’t going to work out with my crew.  You said it yourself there are good crews and bad crews.  I had no problem with the work but my crew had a way of making life pretty miserable.  I stuck it out tell the end of my hitch and was all ready to jump to a new rig when I got an opportunity to work as a safety supervisor.  I jumped at it and even opened my own business.  Barrett Safety Services.  Things are going great, I’m so busy I’m turning work away.  Things worked out well, I need far more of my tickets for this new job then I ever did on the rigs.  In fact I am more qualified then the majority of the other safety people I work with in large part due to your course.  But qualified and experience are two different things and I need a lot more experience…I am very happy with the course I took.  It has served me well and will continue to.  Scott and Ron also found work.  Scott is with Ensign, and Ron is trucking I’m not sure with who.

All the best in the future

Robert Barrett

TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

Hey Reg,   Merry x-mas.  It’s me Gerald Wadden.  I took your course 4 years ago.  I was home this summer and my soon to be wife never saw the nice part of the country before so we toured Cape Breton.  I’m sorry I never came over to see you.  I worked on champion 43 for 4 years now, it’s a fast little rig.  We are drilling 700m directional holes and drilling our own surface in under 24 hours, not bad eh.  This summer I challenged my first line and got high 90s and been a driller now for 3 months and love it, but I need more guys from your course.  Some of these roughnecks from here just don’t want to work.  Thank you Reg for everything.  I wouldn’t ever be here without your help.


P.S.  Tell your students drilling companies love us boaters, we are hard working mother _______, they will finish the rest, lol.  Take care Reg.  Hopefully I’ll get to see you when I get married.  Bye for now.




TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

SUBJECT: got it

RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program


Hi Reg,


Well, I apparently got my first job with CAZA Drilling.  I'll start out in Wyoming in the southwest corner near Little America truck stop on the Interstate 80.  (Ensign Drilling subsidiary)  They drill mostly for gas and the tool pusher who hired me over the phone said they are real busy and booked up for a year or more already.  I'm starting out at USD $19./hr plus various bonuses on top - one week on, one off.  Not bad starting wage for a greenhorn I figure.  I will be an extra for a tour or two while they break me in and then play the floater until a permanent position opens up.  Rich, the rig manager who hired me said its a different world out there and its like starting from scratch no matter your background.  Just like you told us, he says if I'm willing to learn and learn fast, and work hard and don't mind getting dirty....I'll get along just fine. 


So, I am to report to work next Tuesday at 6:30am at the rig site ready to go!  I will be leaving Friday evening.  I guess a month from now I will know if I retained all the stuff you and Collie taught us and I send you an update.  I will of coarse be monitoring my email, at least on my off weeks - so don't hesitate to email.  Hope all is well with the new class and your ProTec deal goes thru this month as expected!  I would still like to stay updated and keep me on your "list" especially as I gain experience. 


Talk to you later Reg.  - dave



TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

SUBJECT: Hey Reg it’s Tim Calder

RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program

Hey Reg it’s Tim Calder from last years Nov/Dec course keeping you up to date on what’s going on out here.  I’m still working with Ensign, after spring break-up I got move to rig 64, its 4 years old telescopic double top drive.  We work 340 days a year for EnCana Oil.  We just drilled 3 record wells underbalanced, our best day was 980 meters in 24 hours.  We are currently 170km NE of Fort Nelson in Global Sierra.  Underbalanced directional drilling you can learn quite a lot about downhole activity and not just what’s going on, on the floor.  I’m training for Motors now and have already made quite a few connections up the stick.  I’m also working at PITS as a contractor, I know people who teach the classes there and occasionally they rent their rigs out to companies to test tools and I work the floor whenever I’m not in the patch.  I just had 3 days work there testing a new technology for Tubing Conveyed Perforation guns for Precision Wireline.  Easy work there, no company man breathing down you neck or screaming drillers :) you trip their tool in the hole and they do 8 hours of testing then trip out again, for three days…easy work.  I’ve had a couple weeks off, as there were some decisions on our next contract to where we were going.  Flying back out on Monday.  I can’t thank you enough for what you and Collie taught us especially well control and all the safety tricks.  I’m currently on Ensigns busiest rig, not surprising looking back on the rigs drilling record, we are breaking records almost everyday we are drilling.  EnCana had some financial situations when they bought a company out from the US so they weren’t sure about their activity for the next couple months but they made sure our rig was working for the year.

Let your students know that right now is the time to come out for Ensign.  They are hiring guys everyday and this weekend and next week they are hoping to have every rig working.  And because they’ve been pretty slow for a while that most of their employees have left for other companies so they are hurtin for workers.  Because of that I’m being trained for motors and with the education I got from MDS my derrickhand and driller are training me for derrick at the same time.  And at PITS my friend is drilling on the service rig courses and asked me to go up the stick on my days off.  I’ll be derrickhand in no time.

I’m also wondering about the offshore activity there, and the best way to go about applying for a job.  I have the contacts but I though you may have some news or some different people to contact, or how I would go about applying for an offshore job.  I plan on being here for another year before I go back home and if nothing comes up then I’ll stay here on land rigs, but my goal is to get offshore.  On the other hand there is more room for promotion out here but I’d say as a roughneck for years if it means being home.  The women in Halifax are so much better than the women in Edmonton :) :) and ah oh yah my family and uhh stuff.  Some advice on what I should do here…maybe you’ve been asked too many times and if so don’t worry about it, but if I should stay here until I get my first line or is there activity offshore right now???  Any info would be great Reg.  Say hello to Francis and Collie and the ladies in North Sydney :) Tell them I’ll be home to visit very soon :) hahaha

Tim Calder

TO: Maritime Drilling Schools


RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program

Hey Reg,
             It's Dan Horton from the class of July 2004. I got a job with
Diamond Energy Services Inc, with their Service Rig Division In Swift
Current. I am leaving Wednesday September 1. I will start Thursday or
Friday. Thank You for a great course which propelled me to a good career. I will keep in touch.

Dan Horton

DATE: August 23, 2004

TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

SUBJECT: thank you

RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program

Hey Reg, I took your course back in September of 2003. I have been in Alberta since that December. Initially I got a job with Precision Drilling, but I didn't really like it so I applied for a job with Concord Well Servicing and have been with them ever since. I love my job, I find that the work is much better than that of a drilling rig, and I enjoy the much faster pace. I worked on a mobile double for a month and then I was transferred to a single, we rig out and move every couple of days, which is just the way I like it. If you want to check out my rig, its concordwell.com and you go into rig ratings and models and I am on rig 26. Your course helped me get the job before I was even interviewed and I started out at the lead hand wages even though I was green. Thank you, Luke Edwards


Lee Kempster

Ensign Drilling, AB

Hey Reg!  I took your course in May last year and I got on with Ensign rig 78 in October.  I worked with that rig pretty much through the winter and I am now off until I get called back or get another rig, whichever comes first.  It was a real learning experience but the training helped and the rest you learn as you go.  I worked with a good crew so I learned a lot. My best month was December, I cleared $5100 on a camp Job.  It’s no simple life and hard work, but at the end of the day it is all worth it.




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RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program

Hey it’s Tim from the Nov. class.  I’ve been working for Ensign since Feb. worked 3 weeks on 93E, diesel electric triple top drive, rigged out for spring break, then to rig 31, 28 year old triple, twisted a collar in two at 2000 meters and couldn’t fish it out, hole abandoned, rigged out for spring break, then got hired on rig 55 in the Pink Mountains a couple hours north west of Fort St. John.  Just got home last week and off until June 9.  Learned a lot about directional drilling on that one.  First attempt straight down to 2000m was a duster then we cemented up to 900 meters and went off at 22 degrees to 2050m, took a few kicks near the end, we now have a brown derrick, haha.  Got promoted to floorhand in only 2 days on my first rig, picked everything up right away, everything I learned is coming together.  The well control course especially because the guys coming out of pits don’t have a clue about a lot of that, so that looks good on us coming from your school, meanwhile ensign was looking for 95 floorhands in Feb and headoffice was only sending out about 20, doesn’t make much sense but I’m out there now.  I have 4 crews asking me to come back and work for them after spring break and my push told me on my last day to make my choice who I want to work with, so that’s good.


Tim Calder

Wayne MacDonald

Ensign Drilling, AB

I've been working for Ensign for some time now and it's all thanks to MDS Ltd.  The instruction I received was excellent and Reg really knows a great deal about this industry.  I gained more knowledge in 20 days at MDS Ltd, than some roughnecks 2 and 3 years on the job.  I even had 2 different job offers this year and I wasn't searching for work, it was quite remarkable.  I definitely recommend the pre employment program to anyone interested in the oil and gas industry.


Wayne MacDonald

TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

SUBJECT: Working

RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program

Greetings all,

I worked my first hitch for a drilling company in North Texas the past week. I’m working for Latshaw Drilling who is based in Tulsa. It’s a new company and the rig is brand new which is nice. I’m working 7 on 7 off and still doing a little commercial driving in between drilling. I was on lead tongs my first week but they’re promoting me to derrick man for my next week on so I feel pretty good about what I’m doing. I’ll try and get some pic’s emailed after my next hitch.

Matt Young

TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

SUBJECT: Leo Vincent

RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program

Hello Reg;
Just a note to tell you that I arrived in Edmonton on Sept, 11th and was working on the 15th for Nabors Industries. This was largely because of the training I received at Maritime Drilling School. I might add anyone heading this way should have some sort of transportation. I was hired by two companies because I had a van and didn’t have to live on camp. I’m home in Antigonish now for my 7 days off and will be flying back for my 14 day shifts tomorrow. The work is good, your busy all the time. Its good physical work and I’m working with a great crew.
Drop me a note if you have a chance.


TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program

Hey This is Eric Stucki from your April class I don’t know if you remember me or not I was the guy from B.C. I'm just letting you know that I got a job with Phelps drilling. I pretty much got hired on the spot it was the second place I went to. I'm starting out as a roughneck on one of there singles about 2 hours south of Nisku.  Having that well control helped a lot they were telling me how it will be easier to move up because of that. I just bought new Dodge Ram 1500 4+4 so I'm set now. I remembered you wanted us to keep you updated so that what I'm doing.  Thanks again for all the training 

TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

SUBJECT: Glenn Sutherland

RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program

Hey there Reg.  How is the training going? I took your course a few years ago and have been working ever since. I am in Saudi Arabia right now and have been here for the last 14 months.  I have also worked in Africa and off shore Nova Scotia on the last four wells drilled there...I’ve seen some wild stuff in the past few years.

Best Regards,

          Glenn Sutherland

TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

SUBJECT: Hi,from Calgary!

RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program


How are things going? Things are looking up for Derek,Walter and myself. We went to Red Deer last Wednesday for an all day orientation with Precision Well Servicing. They gave us our TDG ticket and Load Secure ticket, and fit us for respirators as well. They want us to go back for our Air Brake endorsement this week sometime. They are willing to provide all costs for transportation and accommodations. They will also provide cover-alls to get us started. The orientation was with Lee-Ann Triffo and she thinks highly of your school and said she plans on using more of your graduates in the future. She was very impressed with the amount of certificates we had. Anyway just thought I’d touch base and give you the good news…

Rob Penny

TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

SUBJECT: hello

RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program

Hey Reg!

Just mailing to tell ya that Jamie Warren and I are out in Alberta in a little town called Camrose both working on oil service. I am with a small company named “Oil Drop” and Jamie is with Precision. We have only been working for about 2 weeks now but we both love it. It is hard work but it’s work where a ladder can quickly be climbed…Anyways, just thought I’d write and get my name up on that list (he he he).                                                                                                                                              

Take er easy Josh Rambeau 

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RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program

Hey Reg,

Well, I've been working for precision well servicing for over month now, and I love it.  The work is hard, but the money is great. The knowledge i received from Maritime drilling schools was of great help to me on the safety side of things while working out in the oil fields. I'm hoping to go drilling soon, but the drilling side of the industry is a little slow right now. they expect it to be in full swing soon though. I’ll keep in touch, and tell your students if they aren’t afraid of a little hard work, they’ve got a great future ahead of them.

Clary Carrier

TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Training Program

   Hi there Howie this is Kristen Doucette here in Alberta. Just thought I’d pass this info along to you for your reference.  Kristen Doucette and Jason McLeod hired on to precision drilling on Dec.24.Went to Alberta on Dec.15, didn’t take too long. I’m still working but haven’t heard from Jason. Tell Reg I said hello.  Thanks Howie.

Kristen Doucette 

Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd.
P.O. Box 1916
North Sydney, NS B2A 3S9

Attention: Reg MacDonald

RE: Testimonial

The money is so good, Big money! I am definitely going back. It all started here at Maritime Drilling Schools. The best $2,000 I ever spent. I made my investment back in my first week. Everything I learned at the school all came together as soon as I got to the rig. I would not recommend anyone going to work on the rigs without this course. Its all fingers and toes out there. Safety is everything. The schools reputation with the drilling contractors was exceptional. When I arrived at the offices of Precision Drilling they had all my information. Maritime Drilling Schools sent it all ahead of me. The staff at Precision fast tracked me through their hiring process, and I was working on a rig the next day. It’s been great so far, I am working hard, and the money and opportunity to learn and advance in my career make it all worthwhile. I attribute my success to Reg MacDonald, and Maritime Drilling Schools, and my commitment to succeed.

Yours truly,

Melvin Beaton

TO: Maritime Drilling Schools

SUBJECT: Testimonial

RE: Maritime Drilling Schools and the Pre Entry Floorman (Rougneck) Training Program

I never dreamed that it would be like this. I have worked in an awful lot of different jobs for more than 20 years and none of them come close to working on the oil rigs. The money the work, everything, I love it. I just worked 11 weeks straight and I can’t wait to get back to the rigs. I have to say, Reg MacDonald and Maritime Drilling Schools had me prepared. I was nowhere near a rig before. When I stepped on one for the first time, I was ready. Everything I learned in class was relevant to the actual work. I felt like I knew the rig inside and out. I knew what to do and was able to take advantage of any assignment that came my way. The safety training I received from MDS was critical. Ensign Drilling Limited, the company I am with, was recommended by the school and, with them safety is number one. For anyone looking for a challenging and profitable career in the oil and gas sector, I would not hesitate to recommend that they start with taking the Pre-Entry Floorhand program at Maritime Drilling Schools Limited. They are the best; better than any other courses offered in Canada. Not only do they prepare you for the rigs, they bring you up to date on all the ins and outs of the industry.


Eddy Mrazek

Francis Wlydyka

Precision Drilling, AB

I was interested in getting into the oil and gas drilling industry, and was advised to take the Pre-Entry Floorman Certification program to prepare me for an entry-level position. I am the type of individual who likes to know what’s going on and Maritime Drilling Schools’ comprehensive approach to training achieves that objective. The Program provided me with the necessary foundation for me to fulfill my desire to learn more about drilling operations. I was advised correctly that it is not just low-level labour training. As I found out, there is a lot more to this industry than I first realized. I am really satisfied that I took the initiative to enroll. I am learning what I always wanted to know, and I am happy with my accomplishments so far.  I am currently working in the service sector and have put my training to good use.

Francis Wlydyka

James A. Murphy
RR # 4
Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0

Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd.
P.O. Box 1916
North Sydney, NS B2A 3S9

Attention: Reg MacDonald

Dear Mr. MacDonald

I just completed my first shift in the Sable offshore. As you are aware I have been interested in a career in the offshore oil and gas industry for quite some time. I actually applied for this job before I took your course. In order to improve my chances I decided to take your Pre-Entry Floorman (roughneck) program while I was waiting to hear back from the drilling contractor. I guess it was a good decision, considering I am now employed with a major international drilling contractor. The company certainly recognized the value of your program, and that in combination with a lot of persistence on my part resulted in securing this position. I just want you to know that the course really had me well prepared. It has given me the confidence to work in this environment and I feel the safety components you put me through have been extremely beneficial. Probably the biggest advantage for me has been that your course laid down such a solid foundation of overall rig operations. It has allowed me to understand exactly what is going on out there. Although I am at the entry level I can easily converse with co-workers and rig management. I must say that taking your course has turned into a wise investment. Once I have enough experience I plan to take your drilling technology program. For now, I am thoroughly enjoying this work and expect to have a long and exciting career in this industry. Thanks for your support, and I would recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in the oil and gas industry.

Yours truly,

James A. Murphy

Calvin Googoo

Unit Drilling, Okalahoma

The instructors at Maritime Drilling Schools were superb. I always felt like I was their main concern and no question was ever considered to be trivial or unimportant. They were knowledgeable and professional in every respect. The support and help from the MDS staff has been second to none.  They stay with you until you thoroughly understand each component of the program.  Everything I learned during the course has been an enormous help in the field and continues to make a difference every day. In just six short months I have already moved from floorman to motorman, and just recently have advanced to Derrickman. For anyone contemplating a career in the oil and gas industry, I would not hesitate to recommend that their first step should be the Pre-entry Floorman Certification Program offered at Maritime Drilling Schools.

Calvin Googoo

Stephen Cole

Rowan Drilling, NS

This course not only improved my chances for employment, but also provided me with the tools to immediately adapt to the offshore rig environment. I know that I am picking up on everything very quickly as a direct result of the Pre-Entry Floorman Certification Program at Maritime Drilling Schools. I was amazed at the course content. Nothing was left out, Reg MacDonald and his instruction team are the best. This is a very good program.

Stephen Cole